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Amy Gosselin
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Mrs. Gosselin

Hello my name is Amy Gosselin. I am very excited to be the fourth grade Mathematics and Social Studies teacher for Oak Intermediate School. I cannot wait to work with all of the fourth grade students in learning about the founding of our country, state and government as well as building on their mathematical knowledge. This will truly be an exciting school year for all of us.

This will be my 29th year as a teacher in the New Boston Local School District. I have had the pleasure of teaching all grade levels from kindergarten to Sixth grade. Each grade level has been new and exciting to teach throughout my career. Even though 29 years sounds very long time, those years have flown by due to the enjoyment of teaching the children of our community.

New Boston and the New Boston Local School District have always had a special place in my heart even before I became a teacher. I had the honor of attending the district starting at the young age of 3 years under the wonderful teaching of Mrs. Margaret Clevenger. This just began my educational journey in which I was able to learn from many other great teachers such as Mrs. DeCamp, Mrs. Oliver, Mrs. Nichols and many more. This list could continue on and on because there have been so many teachers that have impacted our lives in some way. I may not have always agreed with my teachers but they provided me with a wonderful education that allowed me to graduate from Glenwood in 1986, as did my six brothers and sisters before me. This education allowed me to attend Otterbein College in Westerville, Ohio to obtain my Bachelors in Science in Education and return home to work in the district.

My siblings and I were all brought up within our home and in our school system hearing the motto “Tiger Pride is City Wide” and how our opportunities were endless. I hope these feelings are portrayed to my students, which include my own three children. Austin, Avery and Arenda continue the Kindinger tradition of being New Boston Tigers just as their aunts, uncles and cousins before them. Also my husband Scott has joined the New Boston Family by becoming our school nurse for the district.  

Many times I say I am a teacher at New Boston Local Schools but this district has been much more over the course of the years. It has provided me with an education and safe place to grow up and I have been given the opportunity to be able to try to give back to the students I teach as the teachers have in the past.

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