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FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid
To apply for federal student aid, go to 

College Majors 101
College Majors 101 helps students understand each major as a whole industry, learn about professional associations in each major, view industry publications for each major, see future employers to better understand the requirements of each major, view student competitions to see "A" level work in each major, get recruited by universities for specific majors, and view major specific videos. Go to

Online College Courses
Earn college credit online while still in high school. Go to

Tips for the college bound student:
1. Grades - Even though many college applications are due in the fall of a student's senior year, a final transcript is sent after graduation which includes all grades.
2. Activities: Most college and scholarship applications consider the number of activities in which the student has participated, leadership roles held in activities, and the number of years spent in activities.
3. Courses - Many college applications require the counselor to differentiate between a college prep schedule and a general class schedule. Also, some grants are only for students who complete the Ohio Honors Diploma or a similar curriculum.
4. Summer Activities - Extra summer programs which are offered through colleges look good on applications.
5. Volunteer - More and more college and scholarship applications are looking for proof of time spent volunteering.
6. List of activities and awards - Keep a running list of all activities and awards you receive during your high school career.
7. Explore college options - Consider size, cost, location, available majors, athletics, and admission policies of colleges and universities. Visit colleges and talk to students who attend.
8. ACT/SAT - Many scholarships and college applications require an ACT and/or SAT score. Students should begin to take the ACT or SAT during the spring of their junior year so they have scores to place on college applications during the fall of their senior year. You can take each test more than once to try to increase your score. The highest score is used when completing college and scholarship applications. Most schools and scholarships in Ohio and the surrounding area use the ACT.
9. Applications - Watch deadlines when completing applications. You cannot be accepted to a college or get a scholarship if you do not apply.
10. Financial Aid - Complete the FAFSA and submit it as soon after January 1 as possible. Go to for financial aid resources.
11. College visits - Most colleges offer Open House days. You can usually tour the campus, get financial aid information, student activities information, and ask questions about the college. Check the college or university's web site for dates. Seniors are allowed two excused absences for college visits. You must let the guidance office know about the visit in advance.
12. Deadlines - Watch deadlines closely so you do not miss out on college and scholarship opportunities.
13. Tests - Taking the EXPLORE in the 8th grade, the PLAN in the 10th grade, and the PSAT in the 11th grade will help prepare you for the ACT and/or SAT.

Free Online Test Prep
Go to for SAT and ACT test preparation.

March to Success
Go to for educational content to help improve knowledge and test scores in the areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. This site provides materials to help improve scores on standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, and ASVAB.
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