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Dear Parents & Families,

Welcome to New Boston Local Preschool. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tami Cordle and I will be your child’s teacher this year. This is my 13th year teaching Preschool here at New Boston and my 15th year as an early education teacher.

My education journey as a teacher began late in my life. I began with the job of being a Wife & Homemaker and with my husband, raising our 2 children.   After they were older, I returned to college and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Education Pre-K through 3rd from Shawnee State University. I then received my Master’s Degree from Marygrove College, with my focus on Reading & Literacy Instruction Pre-K through 6th grade. I have a Reading Endorsement Pre-k through 12th grade.

I am married, with 2 grown, married children and am the proud grandmother of 5.

Teaching is a team effort. You as the parent are the most important person in your child’s education. It is a very important and rewarding role to have. I believe in making education as interesting and fun as possible. Using the child’s interest makes learning fun.

    I am here to work with you for what’s best for your child. We will have 2 Home Visits & 2 Parent/Teacher Conferences through the year to go over your child’s progress, along with weekly letters and behavior calendars sent home daily. Modeling open communication between teachers and parents make a positive environment for our children.

 It is important that they know we are on their side and that their education is important to us as a Team…. 

I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year. :)


Tami Cordle


Week At A Glance

Preschool Homework


We are sending Activity sheets home to be completed within the 15 school days your child is absent from school. Approximately 1 Activity per day..

We are asking that you keep them together when completed and return them upon returning to school in April.

Your child’s education is important to us and these activities are to help your child keep up with their practice of counting, writing, recognizing our “Popcorn” words or better known as sight words…..if at school, we would be doing a new word each week so in order to keep on our learning schedule and not lose education time while home, you and your child can be word detectives and find these words in books, magazines etc.

I usually don’t send their “Writing Journals” home with them until years end but I am sending it home now so they can use it to practice writing their new “Popcorn” words with you….and we always want to remember that we are the Author & Illustrator of our Journal so we always put our names on our work. Practice, Practice, Practice. 

In your folder you will find Activity Sheets that reflect counting, writing, letter recognition and number recognition skills. Remember to keep it in your file for when we come back to school.

Even though we wont be grading it, we will keep it to look over and see your child’s progress and will give credit for doing their homework……please allow them to do as much as they can independently and of course help them if needed as we do in the classroom.

But most important, just enjoy your time with your little one and stay well.


Remember to smile… it warms the heart,

Mrs. Cordle & Miss Arnold



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